Sunglasses must have to save vision

Accessories make an impression. But this accessory is a ‘necessity,’ because it saves your vision. Sunglasses provide flexible and unparallel protection from damaging UV rays. They are not just for fashion conscious adults, but also equally essential for young and old. An appropriate and quality sunglass will save your vision and save your life. Let’s elaborate on the inevitability of the sunglasses:

1. Prolong your vision: On a bright sunny day or a sky filled with clouds, nothing can save your eyes from ill- effects of Ultra Violet sunrays. The UV rays not only harm your vision but cause long time effects like Cataract and Macular degeneration. But UV rays cannot penetrate through sun glasses. Sun glasses also protect your eyes from pre-mature aging and under eye wrinkles that are after-effects of UV rays.

2. Shield from wind, dust and debris: If you drive, ride a bike or pursue water or snow sport, then you can’t do without sunglasses. Often wind or dust hits you while driving, can cause severe harm to your eyes. You can avoid this harm by wearing sun glasses. Wrap style sunglasses are good defense from wind, water or debris.

3. Guard against glares: Reflections from different surfaces cause glare. You have to be cautious against these glares while driving, riding or boating. While driving sharp glare often blind you for a moment or two. If you are without sun glasses, it may cause accidents. Polarized sun glasses have reflective coating, are best recommended to beat the glares.

4. Provide correct vision: Too much or too little light, both are harmful for the eye. Every eye needs balanced light to function. Excess light can damage the retina and you may slowly lose vision. Sunglasses improve the vision.

5. Protection against headaches and eye strain: If constant headaches trouble you then ensure wearing sunglasses. Everyone gets troubled by access light on a bright sunny day. To avoid this, we tend to squeeze are eyes too much and too often. We squint our eyes and it causes muscle strain, which in turn, causes headache. So, if you are regularly wearing sun glasses, you can avoid such headache and strains.

Ultra Violet rays are most damaging between 10am and 2pm. Beware, do not venture out without sun protection during this part of the day. To protect your eyes from UV rays, ensure wearing sunglasses Labeled “UV 400”.

There are numerous brands selling trendy and stylish sunglasses to suit your taste. The different types of lenses are available in sunglasses to choose from are:

1. Mirror or flash coated are highly reflective lenses. They are best suited for those working in bright light conditions like, skiing on a sunny day.

2. Gradient lenses and Double Gradient glasses are tinted glasses. Gradient glasses have dark grains on the top and lighter in the bottom. While double gradient ones are dark at top and bottom and light in the middle. They are good for riders and drivers.

3. Photo chromatic glasses adjust light according to the light exposure.

4. Polarized are anti reflection glasses. They are best suited for water and snow sport.

Whatever sunglass you must choose but never compromise on the quality. Whether a sport freak or daily office gore, just remember, sunglasses are a must to wear. Better buy one for your children too. They also need protection for their eyes. They will certainly enjoy and appreciate, be for the style part of it only.


About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is a fashion freak and loves experimenting different styles. She is always on a look out for new hairstyles and is currently planning to go for red hair.