Extreme Sports Need Great Goggles

I have a dear friend who decided years ago that the sport for him would be snowboarding. He set upon developing his skills in this sport the way that many people do – he went shopping.

Man, oh man! Does Snowboarding gear look cool! The boards! The clothes! The gloves! The goggles! I adore the beginning of new adventures because stocking up on necessities is always the best part! My friend went all out, bought the “Best of Everything!!!” he bragged – – – before his trip, that is.

He came back a little less enthused. Beside the fact that Snowboarding is a hugely difficult sport (for a man who hadn’t seen more than 2 inches of snow accumulate at any one time) the gear he loaded up on didn’t really suit his needs.

He had tried the clothes and boots on in the store, they were fine – his biggest problem was the goggles!

Sliding on a pair of good looking protective eye wear in a climate controlled and relaxed setting with a cute snow bunny telling you how adorable that pair of (the most expensive) goggles looks on you is vastly different than swooshing down the slopes, sunlight reflecting off the snow and sweat running down your forehead!

Turns out the goggles he had bought didn’t fit that well with the helmet he had purchased, the lenses weren’t polarized and he fought a vicious glare the entire trip and, now that he knows about Cerjo – he also knows he paid entirely too much money!

If you are an aspiring extreme sportsman Cerjo has a complete line of active eye protection; Cerjo was originally a sports glasses company and then our focus on quality and protection expanded to include fashion glasses. We have a huge selection of ski goggles for men, women and children and most of our goggles have category “3”  lens protection which provides the highest level of sun protection on bright sunny days (we also have some category “2” models for snowy, foggy days). Either model will allow you to ski or snowboard safely.