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When it comes to making a statement, your eyes have it!

Due to high demand, genuine Swiss quality designer fashion sunglasses from Cerjo are finally available in North America! Cerjo is the leading sunglass brand for men’s, women’s, and junior’s Fashion and Sport eyewear in Switzerland. Cerjo has a reputation of excellence in craftsmanship and design, and each pair of glasses is individually tested for quality at our technical centre in Delemont, in the Swiss Jura.

Ready to update your look? Transform your style? CERJO eyewear is the ultimate fashion addition for every individual. Cerjo glasses are more than just an accessory, these designer shades make a fashion statement in themselves. But fashion is not Cerjo’s only specialty. Eye protection is more important than most people think. Prolonged unprotected exposure to solar radiation is extremely damaging to all eyes. Cerjo designer sunglasses are specially engineered to protect your eyes from damaging rays without sacrificing style. Unique, trendy, tastefully crafted glasses in ultramodern European styling are Cerjo’s signature. Technologically advanced frames with quality lenses made with the utmost care and Swiss quality control, these glasses will unquestionably make you look and feel great!

Cerjo sunglasses and sport glasses come in various models and styles for adults and juniors. Every set of shades is perfect for everyday wear, guaranteeing you have a pair of sophisticated sunglasses that is more than just a one-time fashion accessory. Cerjo is unmatched in its ability to create eyewear in diverse designs while still maintaining quality and excellence. On top of Cerjo’s reputation of superior fashion design, Cerjo’s lens technology ensures every pair of glasses is also a high functioning set of shades. Cerjo is unrivaled in every step of production, from concept to craftsmanship.

The Cerjo Fashion collections are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each pair of glasses is unique in style and look. This collection includes frames crafted in Metal and Plastic, with styles specific to men’s and women’s fashion trends, as well as unisex styles that fit all modern fashion appetites. The Fashion collections offer a varied mix of understated designs, bold colors, modern shapes, as well as modish aviator-type frames. Every frame is matched with Cerjo’s signature lens technology, coupling fashion with function. With new-age styles, updated versions of classics, and timeless trends, Cerjo designer fashion eyewear fits every face and individual look, every day, everywhere.

The Cerjo Sport collection eyewear has long been a popular choice for tennis players, golfers, runners, cyclists, and many other sports. With ultra lightweight frames, the Sport collection is the ultimate set of shades for high performance activities. This collection is unique because of Cerjo’s trademark lenses in multiple shading intensities. With different levels of shading, there is a set of shades for every environment and activity. Although Cerjo’s eyewear is known for fashion, these high performance Sport shades are designed first and foremost for function and protection.

Cerjo’s collection of designer frames for Juniors comes in both Fashion and Sport styles. These shades are different from competing brands because they are crafted with the same superior design and signature technologically advanced construction as the Cerjo Adult collections. The Fashion collection is perfect for the trendy starlet, and the Sport collection is perfect for the active child in your life. Because of Cerjo’s attention to form and function, you can rest assured that your child’s eyes are as protected as your own with a pair of designer eyewear from Cerjo.

Nowhere else will you find men’s, women’s, and junior’s Swiss quality designer sunglasses in such attractive styles. Cerjo glasses will fit your need for designer glasses or sport eyewear at the perfect price, without sacrificing superior standards of protection. Look through Cerjo’s collections today, you are guaranteed to find the perfect pair for every face in the family!